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DevClad - Meet other developers 1:1 - team up on projects + hackathons | Product Hunt

First social-workspace platform for developers

🌱 DevClad is built on the principles of collaboration over consumption and reducing friction for developers outside of tech-hubs. Think of this as a Silicon Valley emulation constituting of other builders who love to build ❀️

Build a strong network of developers.

Weekly 1—⁠on⁠—⁠1 match from a pool of vetted developers 🌎 using ML.

β€œMore you build with others, the more likely you are to end up building the next unicorn.” β€” Probably someone

1 on 1 Matches

Every week, you are matched with another dev automatically for a 1 on 1 call.

Circle of Developers

Easily manage the circle of developers you like and want to work with. 🀝

Video Calls + Scheduling

Schedule meetings with your circle and weekly 1-on-1 directly from and even ON DevClad. πŸ“…

Down the roadmap for Beta 2.0

Team up on Projects and Hackathons

Spend less time configuring your workspace and more time building with minimal interfaces that get you to your MVP faster.


Project and Hackathon Discovery that makes teaming up seamless.

Minimal Teams

Minimal & Robust Integrated Team Toolkit to get sh*t done faster.